Etter en vår og sommer preget av lange forsinkelser i leveranser er vi glade for at vi i september endelig kan sende ut nye telt til våre kunder

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Keep out the winter chill by adding a warm inner layer to your iKamper RTT. Stay warm at night and block out the cold air. The Inner Insulation Tent is easy to attach to your tent’s interior and setup takes less than five minutes.


The Inner Insulation Tent can be left inside your RTT when closed by simply unclipping it.

All three windows and the main door can be rolled up for easy access.

The Inner Insulation is a quilted, double-layered tent made of breathable poly-cotton material, and gives your RTT a cozy, comfortable atmosphere.

Please note that this item is incompatible with the Skycamp 2X

NOTE: The Inner Insulation Tent will add a cozy feeling to your RTT experience and will help keep you warmer by adding more insulation, blocking drafts of air, and retaining body heat. The tent is NOT heated, so please do prepare proper sleeping equipment on those cold night