Vi har no Skycamp 3.0 Mini, 2.0 Mini, X-Cover 2.0 telt på lager klart for utsending.

New: Skycamp Mini

We've shrunk the Nordics most popular RTT. Keep all the benefits of the original Skycamp but in a smaller unit for 2 persons to fit almost any size car. Order now for delivery within 2-5 business days .

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From € 3990

Skycamp Mini

From € 3590


 € 3290

The value of being off the grid

When Torbjørn gets into his car in the middle of the week after yet another hectic day at work a favorite destination is Romedalen. Less than one hour away from work, between peaks, rivers and glaciers he loses mobile reception one bar at a time until, at the very end of the road, he is completely off-grid.

There his pulse lowers yet a few more beats per minute and he is free to indulge his great passions of photographing and filming nature.

Customer feedback

Me and my partner purchased the iKamper Skycamp in the Spring of 2019 and we are most pleased after many great trips! This summer we spent a whole month in the tent, traveling across Norway.

We spent every night in the tent, in sub-zero temperatures near Galdhøpiggen as well as in the scenic Lofoten. We can think of nothing negative to say about the tent.

It is simple yet durable. And you can set it up as easy as 1-2-3, which is a major benefit. We also bought the annex which we usually erect only when we plan to stay put for a few days, and which we also are very happy with.

We spent approximately one year investigating the RTT market and finally we ended up with the Skycamp. In our estimation this is the Rolls Royce of roof top tents, and it holds many unique and positive advantages compared to its competitors in this price-range.

We strongly reccomend iKamper.

Fantastic experience! 1 minute to setup and down! Plenty of room and clever solutions. 👊⭐️💪😁💯✅​

Fantastic service, very responsive on enquirys and speedy deliver of a super product 🤩

Quality that works

Our roof top tents are designed to be easy to use and are constructed with high quality materials yielding many years of worry-free outdoor living. You will set up the Skycamp in less than one minute, and pack it back down equally fast. In a hectic day-to-day such a small detail will help you get out more often.

Skycamp owners are from all walks of life, familys, couples and single of all sorts and persuasions. A lot of them keep their Skycamps on their cars all year long and many go from never sleeping outside, to sleeping outside all the time after fitting their car roof with a “bedroom”.